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"Sonny has this unique way of utilizing his own experiences to remind us what is most important in life. If you haven't learned those lessons or forgotten them, here is a perfect way of getting back on the path to "Living With Enthusiasm". If this book doesn't encourage, inspire and comfort you, plus bring on a few tears, call the coroner!"  - Paul Adams


“Thank you for sharing your personal stories. You had me in tears from the heart, as a mother with laughter, shouting out loud "NO WAY" and "Oh my gosh, REALLY?" in the first 4 chapters alone. Your stories were motivating and encouraging... for us ALL to aspire to be better human beings. I began the book with tears (of joy) and ended with the same.”  - Belinda Benavidez

The Art of Living With Enthusiasm!

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Chapter 17 "The Secret of Life"


The Art of Living With Enthusiasm!


Learn the secrets of how to fill your life with enthusiasm daily. Simply put, this book is about what you wish for yourself and how sometimes, even those closest to you can't see the brightness of your future.


5.0 out of 5 starsThere is life, then there is Living Life 

"I was blown away by this book. Seldom do you see a 'Living Testimony' of Enthusiasm. Most books on motivation are "how to" books, a list of do's and don'ts to change your life of misery to a life of unbelievable ecstasy. Sonny doesn't "tell" you how to do it, he shows you how he did it.


He is an ordinary kid, born into poverty, and armed with only an imagination that catapulted him to stardom. This book is for everyone. Young people, entrepreneurs, College Grads and post 35 life learners. If I had to reduce this review to single words I would list: Fun, Joy, Pursuit of happiness and contagious hope.


Listening to this book was an adventure much like a road trip. Anxiously anticipating what is coming around the corner and getting that tickle-belly feeling at what actually happens. Every personal library needs this book. If Enthusiasm is a vitamin for the mind this book is a pharmacy."

-George Garza


The Art of Living With Enthusiasm!

The Art of Living With Enthusiasm! CD Audio Book

Running Time: 79 minutes


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 "This is indeed a wonderful, and worthwhile book.  It is full of warmth, love, and inspiration....but most of all it is full of the essence of Sonny Melendrez -- a childlike sense of wonder, and joy and appreciation for life that serves adults of any age!"

-Dr. Harry Croft, Distinguished Life Fellow, American Psychiatric Association





Within the chapters of this book...

Sonny shares his secrets of how to fill your life with enthusiasm daily. It was written for those with a burning desire for a better life ahead. Whether you have "been to the mountain" or are ready for your first climb, The Art of Living With Enthusiasm! can excite your spirit with thoughts of appreciation, prayer, and possibility!



This book will encourage you to...


  • Create the life you deserve

  • Realize that every good deed plants a seed that will reward you ten-fold

  • Dream fearlessly

  • Learn the magic of "thank you"

  • Tap into all the ages you ever were

  • Motivate yourself to succeed against all odds and inspire those around you

  • Face each morning with enthusiastic optimism

Who is Sonny Melendrez?

Sonny Melendrez is in the business of making people happy. He is an inspirational speaker, radio/TV host, author, and voice artist.


His upbeat inspirational keynote speaking and hosting have been enjoyed by audiences at over 5,000 worldwide events, including the White House Hispanic Heritage Awards in Washington, D.C..


Twice named Billboard Magazine's "Radio Personality of the Year," his enthusiasm for life is evident as host of various radio and television programs. In addition, he was awarded the honor of Hispanic Radio Personality of the Year by Ricardo Montalban and the National Nosotros Organization.  He was inducted into the Texas Radio Hall Of Fame and has the honor of being included in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as one of the Top 100 Radio Personalities Of All-Time. He received a Grammy nomination for creating the children’s version of “We Are The World,” penned by Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie. Proceeds benefited starving children in Africa.


He hosted the Disney Channel’s premier children’s series, “You and Me, Kid!” and his voice has been heard on countless commercials, movies, and cartoons, including Hanna-Barbera’s “The Jetsons” animated series.

Melendrez has hosted drive time shows at some of America’s greatest radio stations, including KIIS, KMPC, KFI, KMGG, and KRLA in Los Angeles.

In his new audio book, “The Art of Living With Enthusiasm,” Sonny offers the listener stories of his personal experience with many famous personalities from Jerry Seinfeld and Steve Martin to Bob Hope and even, Pope

John Paul II. These audio accounts serve as living proof of the magic to be found in a life of positive expectation.


"Did you know that the word 'enthusiasm' is actually derived from the Greek enthousiasmos? It is a combination of en or in and Theos, meaning God. So, to be enthusiastic means 'to have God within'.


May "The Art of Living With Enthusiasm" help to bring more joy into your life and appreciation for the gift of life each and every day."


The Art of Living With Enthusiasm! CD Audio Book

Running Time: 79 minutes


Same Day Worldwide Shipping!


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